About Our President

The Founder and President of Axis Vero Incorporated, Axis A. Geffen, has over 25 years of real hands-on experience in the intelligence gathering industry and has conducted thousands of investigations worldwide.


Axis is known for exercising absolute discretion and conducting comprehensive investigations. His methods for preparing and maintaining evidence and investigative documentation (written, audio, and video) are superior in the industry. In fact, a large number of security and investigative companies around the world have retained his services in order to ensure their own documentation is in compliance with various evidence acts and regulatory requirements internationally. 


Axis has been retained to personally train numerous Security Officers, Private Investigators and Private Protection Officers in conducting various forms of surveillance, undercover operations, narcotics and anti-terrorism investigations. His reputation for providing consistent, accurate reporting in all formats, as well as his dedication to a successful result have made him an asset in the international investigation community.


His high ethical standard and dedicated work ethic are imparted to his staff and shared among the investigative staff of Axis Vero Incorporated to ensure customer satisfaction and consistency of product. Axis’ moral and ethical standards have earned him the very rare designation of Non-Lawyer Notary Public in the Province of Ontario, Canada. A designation which allows him to verify evidence, proof of evidence and necessary legal affidavits for all jurisdictions throughout the United States of America and multiple jurisdictions worldwide. 


Axis understands the difficulties that many investigators face throughout their careers and the pressure that some investigation companies put on their staff to deliver product regardless of its value, quality or accuracy; however, Axis does not tolerate or permit unethical behaviour, unlawful conduct, or the construction/deconstruction of evidence to produce a desired result. Axis believes that clients (and other agencies) come to him because they have a legitimate problem or concern and that is only served if the truth is brought through and presented to the client. A “desired result” may satisfy a client in the short term but opens them up to endless liability and as such is never in the best interest of the investigator, the investigation agency or the client.


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