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Sometimes our clients, followers, and friends simply want to know more about investigations or how to protect their family, friends, business interests or themselves. This section is dedicated to offering insight (NOT Legal Advice);


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The Shulman Law Firm Online Knowledge Base


Our great friends and colleagues at The Shulman Family Law Firm have set up a FREE online knowledge base to assist in educating the general public (and their clients) in matters pertaining to Family Law and occasionally other topics that are potentially relevant to the readership. A large number of articles written by our founder, Axis Geffen, have been commissioned and are available to everyone for free by clicking here. Don’t be fooled! Although many of these articles are written with Family Law Matters in mind, the information applies to many different types of legal matters.


The Axis Vero Articles


This archive contains articles written primarily for our social media accounts or specific to topics which were at one time or another commissioned but not published. In many cases, these articles offer insight into the workings of the investigation industry or to specific types of investigations but also include topics relating to privacy, security or changes in technology or related protocols. Click here to visit this archive.



The Axis Vero Blog Archives


From time to time we’ve contributed random topic blog-style articles for our readers as well as other groups. Where possible these blogs have been gathered and are kept in this archive. The topics range dramatically and in some cases are quite long but based on the information they contain, we decided to archive them and offer them to our colleagues. Click here to visit this archive.



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