Next to research, perhaps the most effective tool an investigator has for providing evidence, and verifying facts is surveillance. Surveillance is the art of monitoring someone or something and depending on the strategies employed can be conducted overtly (with the subject aware that they are being monitored) or covertly (with the subject unaware that they are being monitored). At Axis Vero Incorporated, we conduct both methods of surveillance and further incorporate the ability to conduct surveillance by land, by sea and by air. Using the latest technology and the best options for each assignment, we provide consistently accurate results. Please feel welcome to explore the links below to learn more about each of our services.



Drone Surveillance is quickly becoming a reality in many jurisdictions due to its relatively low cost and the possibility of providing answers that were previously hard to get. However, that doesn’t mean the operator can circumvent the laws. It’s critical to know what can be done, how it can be done, and what can be legally reported in the jurisdiction that Drone Surveillance is conducted.


Axis Vero Incorporated employs drones for conducting special reconnaissance in remote areas, safe asset monitoring, and assisting in Missing Person investigations.


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Traditional Surveillance is the most common and basic cornerstone of Private Investigation. Most investigation agencies require that new investigators start their careers in surveillance until they prove themselves. Traditional Surveillance includes on foot, by vehicle, by transit, and by commercial travel. Some Private Investigators never move beyond surveillance; making it necessary for a new client to do their due diligence before hiring an investigator. Axis Vero Incorporated employs a higher standard of care for its clients and ensures that all investigators are cross-trained to ensure the best product for every client.


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Marine Surveillance offers clients an additional option for tracking and monitoring subjects that most surveillance agencies do not consistently provide. Unlike the few agencies that will provide this service using rented boats and inexperienced drivers, Axis Vero Incorporated owns and maintains its own vessels, operated by qualified and appropriately licenced investigators.


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Electronic Surveillance is the wave of the future in investigations. While evidence gathered is often not permitted in court or subject to scrutiny in many jurisdictions, these devices are inexpensive, easily hidden, and can require professional inspection to locate and remove. Often those employing these devices are not interested in whether or not the application is legal; leaving clients open to liability or legal action. Axis Vero Incorporated is well versed in international privacy requirements and conducts investigations of this nature responsibly and with the client’s best interests in mind.


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We are mindful of our client’s needs and offer many electronic options for conducting surveillance as well. In some cases and depending on the jurisdiction, GPS tracking may also be legally available to you. In addition to surveillance options, Axis Vero Incorporated offers a wide array of counter-surveillance options as well. In the event that your concern is being monitored by current electronic surveillance, we suggest you visit our TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) and/or Forensics pages for more information. We maintain the highest standards and most current methods for technological troubleshooting of our client’s surveillance concerns as well as installing, upgrading or routinely maintaining surveillance systems on behalf of our clients.


If you don’t see your requirement listed above, don’t worry… we have many more options available to you.


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