Client Testimonials

We appreciate our customers and their feedback. Here are some of their testimonials to our quality of work and service…

“Axis is an excellent professional, which is quite refreshing in the industry. His work has always been on time and on budget, and I highly recommend his services.”

“Axis Vero Incorporated has the best team of investigators hands down. From the initial interview process to handling my firms files and information – Axis Vero and it’s team of investigators and administrative staff have made the process seamless. Our firm retains AVI for many different international and corporate investigations including national interference, fraud, missing persons and financial crimes.

Thank you to the whole team and the wonderful administrative staff as well. ”

“I have utilized Axis’ skills as an investigator many times and where an opportunity presents itself will continue to utilize him. He is a very effective time manager, intuitive, possesses investigative savvy, and is respectful of the laws that abound. I highly recommend his services.”

“I never knew how little I knew about my business and my partners actions before I met Axis; now I have a genuine addiction to investigation. I cannot believe how helpful Axis has been to teaching me about my own organization, improving the safety and productivity of this business, and in shaping my business to match my vision of what my business could be. I recommend him and his agency to all of my closest friends…and keep him a secret from my competition!”

“Axis and his team have helped me find my son and prove our paternity. I have come to Axis with many odd requests and often thought I would never get the answer to my questions, but Axis has never let me down. He has answered every question, every time…accurately.”

“Axis has helped me conduct investigations in Canada and in Europe. He found answers to my questions and built a solid case of evidence to protect my family and our properties in their respective countries. I feel safe and secure. I recommend his services to anyone that needs help and doesn’t know what to do. He has the answers. He can help you.”

“Axis Vero Incorporated has always been a pleasure to work with.

Awesome company! Got the answers I was looking for within a day. Very impressed and fee was reasonable. Highly recommend!”


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