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At the center of all things you find the “Axis”;
“Vero” from the Latin “Veritas” means truth.


“Axis Vero is committed to finding the truth at the center of every investigative matter

and providing our clients with reliable, accurate results in a timely manner.”


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Charitable Works

  Axis Vero Incorporated proudly supports numerous charities around the world. We are honoured to serve many of these charities directly and assist with investigations and due diligence.

About Our President

The Founder and President of Axis Vero Incorporated, Axis A. Geffen, has over 25 years of real hands-on experience in the intelligence gathering industry and has conducted thousands of investigations worldwide.

About Our Company

      Axis Vero Incorporated is an Ontario, Canada based Private Investigation Agency offering an extensive array of investigative services to a broad spectrum of clients around the

We are strongly committed to our customers and their privacy. We welcome your questions and feedback.


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