Security Consultations


With more than 30 years experience in dealing with all levels of security and developing the current industry standards for documentation and reporting, our founder not only provides the best investigation services but also provides unbiased analysis of security operations and planning. 


Axis Vero Incorporated is frequently consulted by major security providers throughout Canada and the United States of America for insight in the planning, development and implementation of security services and emergency protocols. Our extensive knowledge of personal, retail, residential, commercial, industrial and traditional security services, allows us to maintain solid relationships with the very best security providers domestically and internationally to assist our clients.


Our commitment to the truth and providing the highest standard of service to our clients ensures that we offer our clients an unbiased true outside opinion of their current providers and product offerings. No customer of any security company should ever be made to feel that they have no rights to evaluate, alter or upgrade their services; however, as we have learned, some security providers do exactly that. Axis Vero Incorporated can assist you with any concerns you have regarding your current security provider by conducting a third (3rd) party Threat Analysis of your operation and a subsequent review of your existing services and protocols. This will help to pinpoint the weaknesses in your protection as well as determine the weaknesses in your service chain. 


If you are looking for a new service provider, we can help you find the perfect fit in budget, product and response. While we will usually suggest working with your existing provider to improve their service, we understand your right to change providers. 


We can help you by ensuring that you are provided with reliable security solutions such as:


Existing Security Service Reviews and Assessments

Mobile Security Patrols (Marked and Unmarked Vehicles)

Camera Installation / Repair / Upgrade

Executive Protection Services / Vehicle Escorts

Surveillance / Countersurveillance Options

GPS – Global Positioning Services / Tracking

Canine Services

Multijurisdictional / Deportation Services

Security System Design / Implementation / Monitoring

Risk and Threat Assessments

Property Protection Reviews

Security and Surveillance System Design and Implementation

Uniformed and Plain Clothes Guard Services

Concierge / Residential Security Services 

Commercial Security Services

Industrial Security Services

Retail Security / Loss Prevention Services

Government Security / Protection Services

Close Protection Services

Contracted Driver Services


If you don’t see your requirement listed above, don’t worry… we have many more options available to you.


Please use our Contact Us page or call us at 1-866-297-8376 (1-866-AXS-VERO) within North America to inquire about additional services.