Yes, it really does matter who you choose to perform your TSCM bugsweep. There are major factors that affect a sweep team: 1) Professional TSCM equipment is needed for the job; 2) All equipment needs to operate in an effective range in order to find the problem; 3) This equipment and the upgrades tend to be very costly; 4) Technology is always changing and so the equipment needs frequent upgrading; and 5) The team needs to actually be capable of the task at hand.
1) The majority of companies (security and investigation) or individuals (licensed or not) operate on a very limited budget for TSCM (especially when starting out). The most accessible equipment and subsequently the cheapest equipment can literally be purchased on eBay or other similar sites and is almost never effective in proper detection. I have seen many “professionals” claim to provide a “solid solution” only to find that their equipment has NO value to the customer. AXIS VERO avoids this pitfall because we maintain solid inspection relationships with the top service providers and equipment / software developers throughout the industry and as such we have access to the highest quality equipment for each inspection.
2) There are companies currently offering sweep services to major clients (including banks and politicians) that rely upon outdated equipment (like the OSCOR 5000 (discontinued by the manufacturer REI); which at one time cost in excess of $50,000.00 (including upgrades and probes) and has an effective range of up to 3.0GHz. To put that into perspective for you, the average cordless phone in the common residence currently operates at 5.9GHz. That’s right! The sweep equipment isn’t currently capable of finding the average cordless phone. That is NOT protectionAXIS VERO conducts its inspections within the necessary ranges for the job at hand. 
3) A legitimate TSCM team can easily spend in excess of $200,000.00 of dollars on the necessary equipment. Most companies offering these services actually spend between $500.00 and $2,500.00 for their entire kit. These companies tend to “impress” the client with one or two very “technical looking” devices and then supplement this kit with multiple brief cases and / or toolboxes of contractor tools, etc. AXIS VERO maintains a complete kit for any occasion but only brings what we need into your site. It’s not about impressing you…it’s about protecting you.
4) Most inspection teams do not have the workload to justify training costs, equipment upgrades and / or software upgrades necessary to be capable of detecting the latest devices. AXIS VERO regularly maintains and calibrates our equipment and we remain at the forefront in training and conducting inspections.
In some cases, our clients have opted to purchase their own equipment but do not have the experience or training to operate the equipment effectively themselves, in those cases, AXIS VERO will operate their equipment for them. Under these circumstances, any limitations of the equipment are disclosed to the client prior to commencement of the inspection(s) and Axis Vero cannot accept any liability for devices operating outside of the capability of their equipment.
5) It is very common for a provider to claim they have Military, RCMP, CIA, or Police professional on staff that conducts these sweeps; however, clients very rarely conduct due diligence on their service providers and these claims are never verified. There are very few truly qualified inspection technicians in this industry, AXIS VERO is among them.

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